Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Girly Birthday Card with a Twist

My friend, AS, who hosted the tea party last Sunday, asked me to make a birthday card for her best friend, YW. Today is her birthday, so....Happy Birthday, YW! I hope she likes her card :)

I love the pink, flowers, and lace!

This card is very girly :) Pink, pretty flowers, lace, and glitter! The twist is the sky blue sash bow! The bow looks girly, but the colour is not. I used a sky blue ribbon to give the card some more colours. I was worried that the blue might wreck the girly theme, but actually I like how the colour pops out. Click here to see how I made the sash bow.

Close up of the details

I'm loving the lace borders that I bought last month! They're so easy to use and they don't leave a mess! I bought this one from Daiso and it's called "Frill" ($2CDN for 150cm).

Edit: My first card to make it to craftgawker! Horray!


  1. that card is totally girly, matches your blog theme!

  2. I like the blue ribbon. It gives it a nice touch. :)



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