Friday, August 6, 2010

Tying the Perfect Bow Update!

Last week I said that I would try to tie the perfect bow and show you guys what it looks like. I was following the tutorial video, but my bows don't look like hers! After tying a couple of bows, I learned that various fabric creates different shapes. For example, stiff ribbons create fatter bows and loops are bigger. I was using thin ribbons, so my bows don't look so bubbly :P

My advice is to take your time when tying your bows. Make sure you put your fingers through the loops and pull because that method will create bigger loops. Anyway, here are my (perfect?) bows....

I will keep practicing :P

Sash- Multilayered bow

This is how I made my sash will need:

♥ one short ribbon (mine was 10cm)
♥ one longer ribbon (14cm)
♥ one longer for the tail (length depends on how long you want it...mine was 14cm)

  1. Make loops. Fold ends towards the middle and overlap them so you can glue the ends together.

Tip: Use a clip to make sure the ends are sticking together.
I love Hello Kitty

  1. Add the tail. After stacking the two loops, lay the last ribbon across the center of the loops and tie a knot.
My favourite pair of scissors

Come back to see what I will do with my bows! :)

Do you guys like the "read me" feature? I post a lot of pictures, so by adding don't have to wait for ALL the pictures to load :) Thank you, AngryTree for teaching me how to add this feature.


  1. haha those are cute bows, I love this new "read more" feature because it let's me view more of your page in less space!

    I'm going to try to make these bows but I think it might be hard because I have big fingers, not small precise ones like yours :(

  2. I like the multi-layer bow! I'll try it next time I'm wrapping a present... maybe yours... :)



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