Friday, September 30, 2011

Birthday Dress and Shoes

Hi everyone!

Today is my birthday! Yay :) I want to show you guys my birthday dress and shoes that I will be wearing tonight...

Blue dress
Pink pumps
Just kidding :) I'll be wearing something else. The diagrams are from Fashion Origami by Mark Bolitho. The heels were hard to make...I had to make up my own folds because I didn't understand the diagram. The blue dress was fun to fold though.

What do you guys think? I am I fashion designer now? lol

Anyway, please look forward to my next post on my birthday par-tay :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Design!

TA DA!!! 

It was time for a new look! …so what do you think of the design? I welcome feedback, so please comment below :)
So what else is new? There's an icon displayed in your browser’s window or tab. See example below where I drew hearts around the icon. Pretty neat, eh?! :)

New design!

Here’s a screen shot of my previous design:

Goodbye, old design

Friday, September 23, 2011

Thank You Card From Mackin House Museum

Last week I volunteered at the Mackin House Museum in celebrating their 102nd birthday. You can read the post here. The executives from the SFU Origami Club and I had a great time! I want to show you guys the thank you card that they gave us :)

Thank you card from Mackin House Museum

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday & Going Away Card

Happy Birthday, TK!

She's in Czech Republic right now, but if you're reading this...Happy Birthday and I hope you're having an awesome time! :)

TK's friends and I made a special gift for her birthday and going away party. We all wrote letters to her so that she can read them on the plane. We also made her a small photo album...because we knew she'll miss us ;) 

Rainbow and airplane

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'll Fold You Something Pretty

Hello! I hope everyone had an awesome summer! I have to apologize for not updating my blog :( This special post will show focus on my other hobby which is...drum roll, please...origami! haha I'm sure some of you already knew that :P

Some of the executives from the SFU Origami Club and I volunteered to teach origami. The first event was located at the Nikkei Museum & Heritage Centre. Last month, the centre hosted a Japanese culture event for a day camp. There were fun activities for the kids to do and to teach them some Japanese culture and heritage.

Nikkei Centre supports Japan earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.
Click here to read more.

The second event was at the Mackin House Museum. Today, they were celebrating Mackin House’s 102nd Birthday (Wow!) We got a brief history of the house and it was quite interesting. Click here if you want to read about it. There were many multicultural activities going on today such as henna tattooing, music and dance performances, and of course, origami folding.


Joseph Wu, an origami expert, was there too! It was my first time meeting him, so that was exciting :) His creations are amazing, so check out his gallery by clicking here.

Our table was located in the master bedroom of
Henry James Mackin's and his wife's! :O

I always have fun volunteering in these kinds of events. It's so rewarding when I get to share my hobby to the public. Also, I get to meet new people and learn new things! :) Anyways, I'm ending this blog post with this heart cube that I folded last month. Enjoy!

Heart Cube


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