Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tying the Perfect Bow

I have some favourite craft blogs that I visit almost everyday. I'm always amazed (and jealous) by how they can tie the perfect bows. After some whining to A about how much I want those bows on my cards, I did some research on YouTube and found some tutorials on how to tie the a perfect bow.

Visit Martha Stewart's Ribbons and Bows to learn the different types of bows. I hope one day I can tie these...

Oh, Martha just made me drool.

Ready to learn? Here's a tutorial by butternutsage.

Martha Stewart's Bow How-to

Oh, I also bought new ribbons yesterday! I have a lot of small ribbons, so those won't work if I want fat bows :) Aside from ribbons, I bought a lace border. They come in different lace patterns and they're stickers so you don't have to use glue or tape. I love the border stickers because they're so easy to use! (I used heart border for my Mother's Day card).

I love the scalloped edge ribbons

In the video, she said it's like tying a shoe...well, that's not how I tie my shoes :( but it shouldn't be that hard, I hope. I will update you guys on my attempt to tie the perfect bow!

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Birthday Presents

Happy Birthday to my good friend, MW!

I forgot how much I love to make cards. I took a break from it because my room gets really stuffy during summer time (since it faces the sun) so it was way too warm to craft in there! The weather is getting cooler, so I was able to start crafting again. yay!



He's a big fan of Sidney Crosby, NHL player from Pittsburgh Penguins. Can you tell? :P

Take a look at MW's birthday card from last year.

PS: Powell Street Festival is one week away! :)
Take a look and/or download the schedule & full programme (They mentioned the SFU Origami Club! weeeee!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Powell Street Festival- July 31 & August 1, 2010

Mark your calendars for the 34th Annual Powell Street Festival on July 31 and August 1, 2010!

Dates: July 31 & August 1, 2010
Location: Oppenheimer Park (400 block of Powell Street), Vancouver, BC
Map: Click here
Time: 11:30am - 7:00pm
Fun: Crafts, food, dance, games, martial arts, etc.
Schedule/Programme: Click here
Facebook: The 34th Annual Powell Street Festival
Twitter: Powell St. Festival

The SFU Origami Club will be taking part of this annual celebration of Japanese Canadian arts, culture, and heritage. We'll be in the Children's Tent on Aug 1st from 12pm-3pm (or longer), so be sure to visit us! This will be our first time participating in this festival, so we're very excited!

Some of the executives from the Origami Club helped prepare for this festival by teaching the crane to the staffs. Actually, giant cranes! We're going to use them as decoration, most likely going to hang them on branches. The decorations are going to look so pretty!

Giant cranes!!! We're going to paint and hang them with colourful ribbons

We used patterned papers for these cranes. So pretty!

We made more than just cranes. KY made a gaint rose with a stem! It took him a long time, but he did it! The rose look great! I took a closer picture of it and KWC put his hand on top to show how big the rose's big!

Having some fun :)

Come visit us and have some fun! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

My weekend with friends, familes, and Hello Kitty!

Friday: Kitty Kommotion at Gossip Nightclub

I don't go to clubs that often, but if Hello Kitty is there...I'm there too! The only exciting part was the Kitty Kastle for VIP ticket holders. The exclusive VIP area included a beauty section for pampering such as makeovers and manicures. I got my make up done by Glamstar Beauty & Nails, the girlfriends got their hair curled, and a makeup artist applied false eyelashes on A. There was also a section with Hello Kitty inspired sweet treats (surprisingly too sweet for me and BN!).

Overall, the event did not meet my expectations. Mainly because they stated that will be "hip hop, mashups, korean & jap." I didn't hear any Kpop and Jpop that night, so I was quite disappointed. I think I had more fun getting ready...Anyway, enjoy my photo collage :) Click for a larger view!

Top row: Candy & cupcake buffet, girlfriends, Lena, BN
Middle: Kitty Kastle, Swag bag for VIPs
Bottom right corner: Best dressed kitty, WH and her balloons :)

A picture of A and me at Hello Kitty Boulevard :)

Saturday: Spanish Banks Beach with my gnomies

I was hiding underneath this beach umbrella most of the time! :)

Sunday: Dim Sum with Families / Ice cream with summer school friends

I ate too much...

"No pictures, please"
My baby cousin is SO cute!

My ASSS friends (our first letter of our names)

♥ I'm in the process of making some cards. It's hard crafting in my warm room :(

♥ Just added one more necklace to my previous post. Check it out!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sunday afternoon with girlfriends

I had a wonderful Sunday! Instead of my Sunday routine of chores and homework, I decided ditched them to go vintage shopping with some of my girlfriends. We walk along Main Street and yes, we went to I Found Gallery! The girlfriends wanted to go there ever since A and I started making jewellery and I'm happy that we can all share this interest together!

I was impressed by how fast the girlfriends found their charms, chains, and such. It didn't seem like they were overwhelmed like how I felt when A and I went for the first time. It was interesting to see and to learn what they like and what they want (I like to observe things...not in a creepy way!). I had fun helping and offering opinions...I felt helpful :)

Our goods :)

I have already planned out what I wanted to make. My inspiration was a pair of Hello Kitty earrings that was given to me for my birthday. I don't wear dangly earrings that often, so I thought I could turn one earring into a necklace since I wear necklaces more.

Mine. A pair of Hello Kitty earrings, two bows, and two different chains

Left to right: CS, TK, me.
I'm helping TK with her first handmade necklace :)

A and CS are working hard on their necklace.

Mine. A suggested to put one bow higher than the other one...which made my necklace even cuter! Thanks, babe.

CS' necklace. I love the colour combination!

A's. Her nautical-themed pendants will match her cute stripe tops!

TK's. This necklace really suits her: long chain, large feather, and beautiful gems.

A group picture with our new handmade necklaces.

I didn't like the the length of my necklace because the chain was too long. As you you can see from the picture above, the Hello Kitty pendant was tucked under my top. So after some adjustments...

Ta da! ...i love Hello Kitty!!!

Two girlfriends didn't make their necklaces with us, so I'll be waiting for them to send me pictures. I'm excited to see how they will turn out!

♥ Be sure to check out A's fashion blog. She posted more pictures of her nautical-themed necklace!

♥ Take a look at my other necklaces: I love handmade necklaces and First handmade necklaces.

PS: I miss making cards. I will start creating some this week! :)

thekitchenslave sent a picture of her necklace, which I 'stole' from A ;)

This necklace really matches her!

Noodle Kaboodle sent me a picture of her necklace. Check it out:

Nice and simple. I like it!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tanabata Star Festival

Tanabata, which means the night of the seventh, is a Japanese tradition where people write their wishes on colourful, small strips of papers and hang them on branches. This tradition is also known as the Star Festival and is celebrated on July 7th.

Last Friday, SFU Origami Club hosted a Tanabata Star event where members folded a handful of colourful stars and dropped them into a clear star jar. The event was so much fun! Hopefully the members didn't forget make a wish...because I did! :(

A member folder this pretty star. It's made of straw, 16 inch in length.

My failed attempt :( It's hard!

This is our star jar!

A group picture of the vice president, executives, and new members!

We decided to have this event outside of the campus...just because it was super sunny! Despite the hot sun shining down on us and my crazy allergies, I had a great time! and I hope everyone did too. We had a small group this time, but it was nice getting to know our members one-on-one. We introduced ourselves, guessed our ethnicity, and made nicknames for each other. They even went to watch a movie afterward! I was sad that I couldn't go, but I had to go home to hide from the pollen :*(

Since most of us couldn't make the straw star, I was determined to learn it...and if successful, I can teach the executives and members. I've found a tutorial video by 13erryCheeseCake that looks possible to make. Maybe one day I can make one...

Anyway, thanks for another great event, everyone! I'll be leading the next social event with two other executives. I wonder how it will turn out :P

Friday, July 9, 2010

I like to collect stuff

My brothers and cousins made up a nickname for me when we were younger. They used to call me 垃圾婆 (laap-saap-po), which translates into "Garbage Lady." Why? I used to collect all kinds of stuff! ...some stuff were useless though; hence "garbage." I used to have a collection of stickers (including those stickers on fruits), flyers that I like (mainly Toys "R" Us), clothing tags....yep.

Now I use my collecting habit into good use! In this example, I can shop AND collect goodies. I think some retail stores are eliminating plastic tag attachments because I'm starting to notice safety pins being used to attach clothing tags on garments. This is a great collection to my craft box/sewing kit because I can use it for my cards, like this one.

FREE safety pin!, not really...

Another collection to add is the strings that are used for hanging on the hangers. I usually cut them off because I find them very annoying. Keep in mind that you should only cut the strings if you don't need to hang them. I like to keep the nice, satin-looking ones to use them as ribbons. Here's an example.

This is only an example. I need to hang this because it's a silk top. I guess I have already removed all the strings.

Also, don't forget to save those extra buttons! Collecting items like safety pins can be a great way to save money (a little means a lot!) and you can use them to add a special touch to your handmade card ;)

My collection. I have more buttons saved somewhere else :)

By the way, I'm loving this warm weather! I took some pictures in my backyard. It was awkward at first because my neighbour was hanging her laundry on the clothesline and most likely saw me taking pictures of myself -_- But that doesn't stop me from enjoying the sunshine!

My new converse shoes that I bought from Las Vegas

I have decided to make my necklace with the key on the side.Thanks to maybegirl and Noodle Kaboodle for their help!

Who took this picture??? Scroll down :)

My "handmade tripod." One small easel + an empty shoe box + a small stand

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I love handmade necklaces

Ever since I learned how to make jewellery, I don’t buy necklaces in stores anymore because I can make them or even fix my broken ones! The best thing about making your own jewellery is that it’s personalized…you can do anything to want! AND it’s one of a kind! (I guess two best things).

First necklace. Lets start off with this handmade personalized jewellery. My name is made from a gold wire! How awesome is that? I bought this beautiful necklace in Las Vegas (Fremont Street), a very talented guy made it in front of me and my friends. I feel awful for forgetting the name of the store and misplacing the receipt because I want to share it to everyone. Hopefully I'll remember the day.

Gold wire jewellery made into my name

This was the final product; however, the chain was too long and I didn't like how the chain was on top of my name. After some measuring, cutting, and attaching another chain...I was more satisfied with my necklace.

FINAL final product...after some changes

Tada! Can you see the two different chains?

Second necklace. I went to I Found Gallery with A again and we got some good stuff! This one is more complex than the first necklace.

Jump rings, lobster claw, charms, and about 6 feet of gold chain

The charms: flower, double heart,  and flower-key

I had so much fun putting this necklace together! But I can't decide on one thing: the arrangement of the flower-key. So I would like to ask for your opinion...which one looks better: necklace #1 or necklace #2? You can leave a comment or email me! Thank yooooou! ♥ I will update you on my final decision!

Necklace #1: Flower-key hanging from the top

Necklace #2: Flower-key hanging on the side

I love this charm...A LOT. It's actually a pin/brooch.

Third necklace. This one not done. I just REALLY want that vintage key! I might want to add two different chains. We'll see! :) I'll post the final product one day, so please wait for it :)

Have a great week and Happy Canada Day!


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