Monday, July 12, 2010

Tanabata Star Festival

Tanabata, which means the night of the seventh, is a Japanese tradition where people write their wishes on colourful, small strips of papers and hang them on branches. This tradition is also known as the Star Festival and is celebrated on July 7th.

Last Friday, SFU Origami Club hosted a Tanabata Star event where members folded a handful of colourful stars and dropped them into a clear star jar. The event was so much fun! Hopefully the members didn't forget make a wish...because I did! :(

A member folder this pretty star. It's made of straw, 16 inch in length.

My failed attempt :( It's hard!

This is our star jar!

A group picture of the vice president, executives, and new members!

We decided to have this event outside of the campus...just because it was super sunny! Despite the hot sun shining down on us and my crazy allergies, I had a great time! and I hope everyone did too. We had a small group this time, but it was nice getting to know our members one-on-one. We introduced ourselves, guessed our ethnicity, and made nicknames for each other. They even went to watch a movie afterward! I was sad that I couldn't go, but I had to go home to hide from the pollen :*(

Since most of us couldn't make the straw star, I was determined to learn it...and if successful, I can teach the executives and members. I've found a tutorial video by 13erryCheeseCake that looks possible to make. Maybe one day I can make one...

Anyway, thanks for another great event, everyone! I'll be leading the next social event with two other executives. I wonder how it will turn out :P


  1. T____________T

    I wish I could have been there! It looked like a lot of fun!!! I miss you guys~~!!!

  2. You did more research. Thank you :D



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