Monday, July 19, 2010

My weekend with friends, familes, and Hello Kitty!

Friday: Kitty Kommotion at Gossip Nightclub

I don't go to clubs that often, but if Hello Kitty is there...I'm there too! The only exciting part was the Kitty Kastle for VIP ticket holders. The exclusive VIP area included a beauty section for pampering such as makeovers and manicures. I got my make up done by Glamstar Beauty & Nails, the girlfriends got their hair curled, and a makeup artist applied false eyelashes on A. There was also a section with Hello Kitty inspired sweet treats (surprisingly too sweet for me and BN!).

Overall, the event did not meet my expectations. Mainly because they stated that will be "hip hop, mashups, korean & jap." I didn't hear any Kpop and Jpop that night, so I was quite disappointed. I think I had more fun getting ready...Anyway, enjoy my photo collage :) Click for a larger view!

Top row: Candy & cupcake buffet, girlfriends, Lena, BN
Middle: Kitty Kastle, Swag bag for VIPs
Bottom right corner: Best dressed kitty, WH and her balloons :)

A picture of A and me at Hello Kitty Boulevard :)

Saturday: Spanish Banks Beach with my gnomies

I was hiding underneath this beach umbrella most of the time! :)

Sunday: Dim Sum with Families / Ice cream with summer school friends

I ate too much...

"No pictures, please"
My baby cousin is SO cute!

My ASSS friends (our first letter of our names)

♥ I'm in the process of making some cards. It's hard crafting in my warm room :(

♥ Just added one more necklace to my previous post. Check it out!


  1. Big Mac meal with a large friesJuly 19, 2010 at 8:01 AM

    Damn that's some damn looking dim sum, can't wait to see what you guys have in store for the festival coming up this weekend.

  2. I'll have to agree on the disappointment in Kitty Kommotion. I wish I didn't waste a perfectly good outfit on badly mixed music and a terrible crowd of youngins. Oh well, we live and learn. Can't wait to see some new cards! :)



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