Friday, July 9, 2010

I like to collect stuff

My brothers and cousins made up a nickname for me when we were younger. They used to call me 垃圾婆 (laap-saap-po), which translates into "Garbage Lady." Why? I used to collect all kinds of stuff! ...some stuff were useless though; hence "garbage." I used to have a collection of stickers (including those stickers on fruits), flyers that I like (mainly Toys "R" Us), clothing tags....yep.

Now I use my collecting habit into good use! In this example, I can shop AND collect goodies. I think some retail stores are eliminating plastic tag attachments because I'm starting to notice safety pins being used to attach clothing tags on garments. This is a great collection to my craft box/sewing kit because I can use it for my cards, like this one.

FREE safety pin!, not really...

Another collection to add is the strings that are used for hanging on the hangers. I usually cut them off because I find them very annoying. Keep in mind that you should only cut the strings if you don't need to hang them. I like to keep the nice, satin-looking ones to use them as ribbons. Here's an example.

This is only an example. I need to hang this because it's a silk top. I guess I have already removed all the strings.

Also, don't forget to save those extra buttons! Collecting items like safety pins can be a great way to save money (a little means a lot!) and you can use them to add a special touch to your handmade card ;)

My collection. I have more buttons saved somewhere else :)

By the way, I'm loving this warm weather! I took some pictures in my backyard. It was awkward at first because my neighbour was hanging her laundry on the clothesline and most likely saw me taking pictures of myself -_- But that doesn't stop me from enjoying the sunshine!

My new converse shoes that I bought from Las Vegas

I have decided to make my necklace with the key on the side.Thanks to maybegirl and Noodle Kaboodle for their help!

Who took this picture??? Scroll down :)

My "handmade tripod." One small easel + an empty shoe box + a small stand


  1. Bastogne 12.27.44July 9, 2010 at 12:34 AM

    I'm expecting to see some of those banana and orange stickers on one of your future cards! maybe one for earth day?

    I love that pose, but it looks awfully familiar... ^.-

  2. I love your picture of your Converse shoes! It's so artsy! :)
    I collect things too... I have a tin box full of buttons. At least some of the things you collect are useful. haha!

  3. Hellloooooo!!! Nice tripod! Glitter69 approves. Aside from the lack of glitter.

  4. I always cut off the strings to my tops too, although supposedly they are suppose to help you keep the shape to your tops when you hang them, but what a great idea to reuse them. Smart thinking. You deserve a recycling initiative badge :)

  5. cute photos! You should totally do some doodling on your converse shoes that would make them even more awesome! btw, I use to collect clothing tags too hahahaha i love the designs on them.

  6. thanks, everyone! it's nice to know that i'm not the only one collecting crazy stuff! lol

    connie, my shoes are too new to draw! maybe when they get more worn out :P and i actually still have my colourful collection of clothing tags!

  7. AAHHH! My dad totally calls me 垃圾婆, even though I got this trait from HIM!!! >_< I collect clothing tags too... haha! Only because some looks nice and inspires me to design, haha... n_n;;;; I have so much junk, I'm glad I'm not the only one! XD



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