Thursday, July 1, 2010

I love handmade necklaces

Ever since I learned how to make jewellery, I don’t buy necklaces in stores anymore because I can make them or even fix my broken ones! The best thing about making your own jewellery is that it’s personalized…you can do anything to want! AND it’s one of a kind! (I guess two best things).

First necklace. Lets start off with this handmade personalized jewellery. My name is made from a gold wire! How awesome is that? I bought this beautiful necklace in Las Vegas (Fremont Street), a very talented guy made it in front of me and my friends. I feel awful for forgetting the name of the store and misplacing the receipt because I want to share it to everyone. Hopefully I'll remember the day.

Gold wire jewellery made into my name

This was the final product; however, the chain was too long and I didn't like how the chain was on top of my name. After some measuring, cutting, and attaching another chain...I was more satisfied with my necklace.

FINAL final product...after some changes

Tada! Can you see the two different chains?

Second necklace. I went to I Found Gallery with A again and we got some good stuff! This one is more complex than the first necklace.

Jump rings, lobster claw, charms, and about 6 feet of gold chain

The charms: flower, double heart,  and flower-key

I had so much fun putting this necklace together! But I can't decide on one thing: the arrangement of the flower-key. So I would like to ask for your opinion...which one looks better: necklace #1 or necklace #2? You can leave a comment or email me! Thank yooooou! ♥ I will update you on my final decision!

Necklace #1: Flower-key hanging from the top

Necklace #2: Flower-key hanging on the side

I love this charm...A LOT. It's actually a pin/brooch.

Third necklace. This one not done. I just REALLY want that vintage key! I might want to add two different chains. We'll see! :) I'll post the final product one day, so please wait for it :)

Have a great week and Happy Canada Day!


  1. Very pretty necklaces! Can't wait to see you wear them. I like the layered necklace in #2 with the key on the side.

    I want to see what you do with the key! :)

  2. Very pretty necklaces. I like necklace #2
    I started blogging.




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