Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sunday afternoon with girlfriends

I had a wonderful Sunday! Instead of my Sunday routine of chores and homework, I decided ditched them to go vintage shopping with some of my girlfriends. We walk along Main Street and yes, we went to I Found Gallery! The girlfriends wanted to go there ever since A and I started making jewellery and I'm happy that we can all share this interest together!

I was impressed by how fast the girlfriends found their charms, chains, and such. It didn't seem like they were overwhelmed like how I felt when A and I went for the first time. It was interesting to see and to learn what they like and what they want (I like to observe things...not in a creepy way!). I had fun helping and offering opinions...I felt helpful :)

Our goods :)

I have already planned out what I wanted to make. My inspiration was a pair of Hello Kitty earrings that was given to me for my birthday. I don't wear dangly earrings that often, so I thought I could turn one earring into a necklace since I wear necklaces more.

Mine. A pair of Hello Kitty earrings, two bows, and two different chains

Left to right: CS, TK, me.
I'm helping TK with her first handmade necklace :)

A and CS are working hard on their necklace.

Mine. A suggested to put one bow higher than the other one...which made my necklace even cuter! Thanks, babe.

CS' necklace. I love the colour combination!

A's. Her nautical-themed pendants will match her cute stripe tops!

TK's. This necklace really suits her: long chain, large feather, and beautiful gems.

A group picture with our new handmade necklaces.

I didn't like the the length of my necklace because the chain was too long. As you you can see from the picture above, the Hello Kitty pendant was tucked under my top. So after some adjustments...

Ta da! ...i love Hello Kitty!!!

Two girlfriends didn't make their necklaces with us, so I'll be waiting for them to send me pictures. I'm excited to see how they will turn out!

♥ Be sure to check out A's fashion blog. She posted more pictures of her nautical-themed necklace!

♥ Take a look at my other necklaces: I love handmade necklaces and First handmade necklaces.

PS: I miss making cards. I will start creating some this week! :)

thekitchenslave sent a picture of her necklace, which I 'stole' from A ;)

This necklace really matches her!

Noodle Kaboodle sent me a picture of her necklace. Check it out:

Nice and simple. I like it!


  1. I will post mine soon! I got so discouraged after my account got locked. Very nice necklace though! You can wear it on Friday! :)

  2. I'm so jealous I wasn't there to be part of the necklace making! Thanks for posting my pic =). I love everyone's necklaces! They're all so different and so pretty! We should definitely go again. I already know what I want to make next ;)



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