Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday & Going Away Card

Happy Birthday, TK!

She's in Czech Republic right now, but if you're reading this...Happy Birthday and I hope you're having an awesome time! :)

TK's friends and I made a special gift for her birthday and going away party. We all wrote letters to her so that she can read them on the plane. We also made her a small photo album...because we knew she'll miss us ;) 

Rainbow and airplane

Since I was told that the box is quite small, I made a card that is smaller and lighter. And by lighter, I mean less glitter. I thought it would be cute to decorate the envelope and add a fake stamp to look like I'm actually mailing it to TK. I also added a rainbow and airplane sticker inside...just because it was perfect for the occasion.The cloud was quite plain, so I had to add glitter :)
Happy Birthday! And we miss you :)

The picture below is TK holding the box of written letters, photos, and other homemade goodies by her lovely friends.

Her special gift....made with lots of love

Check out her birthday card from last year.


  1. I love the envelope!Its very original! And I thinks its awesome that you devote time to the SFU Origami club. Now it makes me wish that I should have joined something like that 3 years back :D



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