Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pictures from Powell Street Festival

This year was SFU Origami Club's first time participating in the Powell Street Festival. Some of the executives from the club and I taught origami in the Children's Tent and we had a great time! I was surprised by how busy it was because the weather was a bit cloudy in the morning. By the end of the day, I was quite exhausted from standing and teaching all day...a lot of the little kids asked me to teach them how to make a dinosaur, which was the hardest one to make. I couldn't say no to them because they were so cute! :)

Saturday, July 31st - Friends and I went to visit the festival. The first thing I saw were the cranes hanging from the trees! They looked really pretty and I was happy that people were taking so pictures of them! I wanted to walk up to people and tell them we folded all those cranes! ...but that would be creepy :P Too bad it rained because it looked floppy the next day.

We folded and KY strung all the cranes!

Sunday, August 1st- SFU Origami Club in action :)

1) The Children's Tent before the kids came in.
2) The lovely executives.
3) Someone (we called him the master) folded the goblins.
4) Standing in front of a sign. (My mom took that picture! I taught her well :))

Our future origami club executives? lol

We got vouchers, so we lined up for takoyaki!
I burnt my tongue that day..it was too delicious!


Thank you to Powell Street Festival for including the SFU Origami Club. Thanks to friends that came to the festival with me and friends that visited me. And big thanks to the executives, KY, AC, and KWC, who helped and prepared for this festival. ♥

The Opus mentioned SFU Origami Club in their newsletter. Click here to read!


  1. best part of the visit was when that 6 year old's height was being compared to yours S

  2. Those two kids holding up our club's sign are so adorable!!! ^___________^

    Glad you guys had fun!

  3. i forgot to take a picture with the huge sign. you said you were going to do it too.

  4. Looks like your origami tent was a success. I wish I went when your club was there. I like your origami club sign with the cranes. :)

  5. i bought you a drink but you weren't in the tent when i returned. what a jerk. I'm boycotting your website.


  6. Butterball: LOL no fair...his dad is 6 feet tall!

    SarahBear: the little girl asked us to "make a paper" so cute!

    AngryTree: AC and I took a picture of the huge sign :P I should've pasted your face into the picture! lol

    maybegirl: it's okay :) I'm glad you went on Saturday!

    glitterqueen69: I'm sorry! I was out looking for you! I should've called :P Don't boycott my blog...i'll add more glitter to my cards!



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