Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello, you make me smile

I used my perfect-ish bows to make cards. What I like about these cards is that they are great for other occasions or even last minute things. Sometimes it's hard to find greeting cards to go with a celebration or event, so these cards are simple enough to say whatever you want...just make sure you write something inside to make it more personal :P

For Sale.
♥ Email me for Hello 08-2010

For Sale. 
Email me for You Make Me Smile 08-2010

I tired to make the first card to pop out more. I punched out two flowers and glue one on top. Then, I curled the petals so that the flower will stand out more.

Flower Power!
Edit (June 24, 2012):
This idea was used for a wedding do-it-yourself project to make paper lotus flowers! Check out Dainty Secret's blog post here!

What makes me smile? Lots of things!...rainbows, teddy bears, and sprinkles! I'm kidding! Recently, SFU Origami Club folded and donated cranes to the Kenyan Charity. We used recycled origami papers that members leave behind at our events. It really makes me smile that we're reusing origami papers PLUS we're doing a good cause. Please visit their website to learn more about their project goals.

Folded origami cranes to promote peace

Baking with A makes me smile too. On Sunday afternoon, we made lemon sandwich cookies with creamy lemon filling. I wish I had known it was a shortbread cookie recipe...or else I wouldn't have added to My Collections in my Martha Stewart's account. The dough took too long to make because it kept on crumbling. O well, at least friends, families, and co-workers said the cookies were good :)

They should rename it to Lemon Sandwich Shortbread Cookies

What makes me NOT smile? Final exams. They are time consuming, stressful, and they leave pimples on my face :( Luckily, I have only one final exam this semester, but knowing me...I'll probably leave it to the last minute. If that's the case, you know what I'm doing if I'm not posting anything :P

Happy studying to all the students! Good luck! :)


  1. That's a great idea with the flowers, those "last minute" cards are perfect for forgotten anniversaries :p

  2. YOU make me smile! I'm corny... :)
    Very pretty cards! I like the bright pink bow on the "You make me smile" card. Your bows are improving.

    No more baking short bread. I can't wait to see your cake! :)

  3. Is that your perfect bow? Very nice.
    I'm still working on mine. I went to Michaels and got the same kind of ribbons, but I think the thicker ones with wiring works best. I'll take a picture of mine for the fruit basket I'm making for work next month.

    Talk to you soon :)



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