Thursday, August 19, 2010

Allergy-Friendly Flowers

Just finished my final exam today! Hooray! I can finally enjoy the rest of the summer...I have so many things I want to do, so hopefully I can find time to do them all :) I'm so happy right now that I want to share this cheerful card to you guys!

This card is perfect for any occasion! Also perfect for someone that loves flowers but allergic to me :) Luckily my allergies were not as bad as last year...perhaps I'm not allergic to pollen anymore? :P I wish...

For Sale
♥ Email me for Bouquet of Flowers 08-2010

A matching envelope!

Don't worry, I took allergy medicine ;)
I submitted this photo at craftgawker for the first time! Maybe my cards will be posted there one day :P

Hang in there...the weekend is almost here!


  1. You must be online the same time as me, I just posted on your previous post.

    Is the heart and flowers stamps or did you draw those? It's super cute.

    I went to The Tiny Fig's blog and she has so many cute things that I want to order, but last time I went to night market I didn't see her stall. Do you know if she's still there?

  2. noodlekaboodle: I just read your comment on the previous post...Thanks! :) I used stamps for the heart and flowers...then I coloured with the pens you got me for Christmas!

    I just asked her if she's still selling her products at the night market. I'll let you know when she replies back :P

  3. That IS a very cheerful card. It's too bad that you're allergic to flowers because it seems like you like photographing them. We should get you some sort of mask... :)

  4. Hey those are perfect for people who are allergic to flowers but love looking at them! that picture looks really pro!



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