Sunday, August 15, 2010

A for Apple, Tea for Treats

Some girlfriends and I were invited to a tea party hosted by AS. We were in a tent (it was very sunny today!) drinking tea and eating sweets at her fiancĂ©’s backyard. It was my first tea party and it was exactly how I have imagined when I was younger: pretty dresses, sweet treats, yummy snacks, and good friends. Since it was my first tea party, I baked a lemon cake with creamy lemon filling! It was a good time to take out my cake decorating kit that was left aside for some time :P

The night before the tea party:

I need a bigger kitchen

Hello Kitty oven mits :)

Swirled Flowers
Wilton Tips: Drop Flower 2D, Round 5 for center, Star 21 for shell border

Tea time:

Lemon cake with lemon filling and pink vanilla buttercream icing

AS' tea set is so pretty!

The other side of the table (MORE yummy treats!)

Left: I love Earl Grey Tea
Right: A's heart-shaped strawberries (even more delicious!)

We're silly :)

Pinkies up!
Last two photos by maybegirl

Such a fun Sunday afternoon! I drank too much tea and ate too much sugary treats...which is a perfect time to study for my final exam! ;)


  1. I love that picture of the heart-shaped strawberries! Very artsy.

    Your cake was delicious! I liked the creamy lemon filling.

  2. looks like so much fun! you've got a lot of patience making all those little yellow flowers!

  3. That looks like so much fun! I'm so jealous, I wanna have a tea party too >_<~

  4. hahaha a tea party! that's so funny! I'm glad you got to live your childhood dream! bet you felt like you were a kid again

  5. maybegirl: I love the strawberry picture too! I even submitted to foodgawker, but it didn't make it...hahaha

    Connie: It was fun making the swirled flowers! I made too many though because I had to throw half of the batch :S

    SarahBear: Don't worry! We're having a picnic soon!

    Drumstick: yes! Brought back a lot of childhood memories when I had tea parties by myself :P

  6. Very pretty cake!

  7. love the cake! I want to learn ><

  8. aww, impressed with your cake, sheryl!
    & love your hello kitty mitts!!!



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