Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stacking Cupcakes

Hello! I apologize for not posting anything for a week :( My co-workers are on vacation, so I'm taking most of their shifts. One of them is coming back soon, so I don't have to work as much anymore. I can finally enjoy the rest of summer....before sch...oo...l starts.

It was the kitchen slave's birthday last month and I've made her the perfect birthday card! I was inspired by her gorgeous and yummy cupcake tower!

This card makes me hungry

Close up

I had too much fun playing with Martha Stewart's cupcake punch! I punched out so many cupcakes that I had a hard time picking cupcakes for this card.

Oooh...the choices!

But don't worry...I saved the extras for next time! ;)

Saving them for next time

Have a great weekend!


  1. Very pretty card.

    Don't know if you remember but I finally put together that gift basket and I tried to do a big flower boquent bow, but I don't think it turned out very pretty.
    I'll send you a picture.

  2. omgoshhh the cupcake punches are the cutest things!!!

    you should sell these punches for the craft fair!! =)



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