Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's my birthday today!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

My friends bought me these cool birthday 'sun'glasses!

I had my birthday party last Saturday and I had a great time! I spent most of the night with my awesome friends. Thank you all for coming out to celebrate my really means a lot to me :*)

A & I. We're colourful! :)

And thank you for the gifts! The gifts really showed me that my friends are visiting my blog. I got a box of decorative scissors, papercraft supplies, and gift cards to Michael's and Best Buy (I can finally get my SLR camera! eeeeeeep~ ♥). Oh, and LOTS of cupcakes: cupcake birthday cards, cupcake paper pack, cupcake caddy, even a cupcake calendar (from little brother). How did they know I love cupcakes? :P

I heart you all!

After dinner, some of us went to play a round of bowling. Although both of my straps from my dress broke, I still had a great time! Good thing I brought a cardigan with me :P

AS & I. Thanks for coming!

The final score. I won third place! :D

There will be a part two to my birthday post! I received some handmade birthday cards. They're really creative so I have to make a separate post! Come back soon to see my birthday cards!

PS- I'm too excited to sleep!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! :)

  2. Happy belated Birthday! You looked fab. However, I can't say the same for your friend "A". WHAT is she wearing? o.O

  3. Thanks, everyone! :D

    Huang: Thanks for the birthday wish! As for my friend...I think she has an unique style out there. I hope you can see that too.



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