Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Semester Clubs Day at SFU

This week was Clubs Day at SFU! I was there on Tuesday with other executives to recruit old and new members. I love Clubs Day mainly because I get to talk to students, share my hobby, and learn to fold new things! There were so many students that joined...we filled up about six pages that day (and within four hours).

KY and I at our table
(Origami is yummy)

A new member folded two different version of roses (white & orange)
I folded the blue Kawasaki rose

Another new member taught us to fold a box with two cranes on two sides. It took time us a long time to fold it because we had to talk to other students, so I don't remember the steps :(

A box with two cranes on each side

A lady from SFUNews asked our Vice President, CN, to talk about the Origami Club. There's going to be a video on YouTube, so I'm waiting for it :) I'll let you guys know when it's out!

CN is going to be on YouTube!
(By the way, I have the same sweater as the girl on the right! :P )

My first week of school was an interesting one. The skytrain broke down, so I was half an hour late for my class :( Anyway, second week of school is over and I'm already super busy with projects, readings, and assignments. If I'm not blogging as know why. I love blogging, so I'll try my best to update at least once a week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

I forgot to tell you guys to check the SFU Origami Club's website to see upcoming events and other information! Our first event is on Friday and I'm looking forward in meeting everyone! Also, check out the description on the last event of the semester because I'll be teaching in a cardmaking workshop in November. SO excited! :)

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    CN: D= *backs away*

    Hahhaa, can't wait to see her on Youtube! Tell me when she's on XD I should post it on the website XD (Currently obsessed with updating the website...)



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