Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy (very) Belated Birthday!

I finally got the chance to give VS her belated birthday card! Her birthday was in May, but it's the thought that counts! Happy Belated Birthday! :)

Someone messaged on Facebook and suggested that I should get a round corner punch for my cards. I'm glad this person recommended it to me because the round corners make the cards super cute! Thank you!

By the way, how's my bow? Is it almost perfect? :D

Round corners are cute!

Happy Birthday!

Check out her birthday card from last year.

Did you notice the glitter stamp on the birthday card above? I bought Martha Stewart glitter stamp starter kit not too long ago and I LOVE it! ...not loving the clean up part though...This is a pretty neat product so I'm going to write a separate post. For now, take a look at Martha Stewart's glittery goods.

MORE glitter, please!

PS: I'm still preparing for the craft fair this Saturday...I'm a card making machine!!! :D


  1. I think you perfected the bow tying.
    Still waiting for my birthday card post.


  2. I like the round corners. They make your card look so clean. :)



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