Monday, April 27, 2009

2 in 1: a birthday card AND a present :D

i'm back! :) i just finished all of my final exams a few days a ago...and i'm finally free! i'm super excited for next month because i'm going to make at least 4 birthday cards for some boys and girls ;) and one wedding card, which i never made that's going to be interesting. anyways, here's card number 1!

i started out with a plain card that i bought from Michaels Craft Store, of course =) and i covered the "thank you" and added some sparkles here and there.

and here it is!

i even decorated the envelope with stamps!

...i shouldn't post this because i haven't given it to her yet o_O so i hope she's not reading it. lol


  1. I cant wait to see what my card is going to look like.......sign i can sell it when you become famous or the other thing......when know. Im gonna start an art gallery with your art. Too bad you are not going to be around to see am I?....ya im kidding.

  2. can't wait to see the wedding card, it will be a treat!



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