Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wedding Card

I made my first wedding card! yay! It was nice taking a break from making birthday cards :)

Wedding Card
Here's another example of a window-shaped card. This card is different from the previous one.

♥white card stock, 25cm x 12.5cm
♥for the window, cut out a square (6cm x 6cm)
♥Cut four strips of (pink) paper with decorative-edge scissors and attach the strips to the back side of the window
♥design four 2.8cm x 2.8cm squares on graph paper
♥put the squares on the front of the card and poke the four corners of each of the four squares
♥cut out four squares with a craft knife
♥attach a 10cm x 10cm (ivory-white-ish) square to the back side of the frame
♥start decorating! :)

(Instructions for this window-shaped card were taken from "The Art of Card Making" by Claire Sun-ok Choi, et. al.)


  1. I love love love a homemade card! You make beautiful ones!

  2. thank you, holly! i'm glad you like them! :)



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