Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ideas for Mother's Day

This is a friendly reminder that Mother's Day is this Sunday.

I thought Mother's Day was last week, so if this reminder doesn't work for you...then it's only for me. lol

So, did you buy your mom a nice gift(s)? If so, that's great! But to win some extra points, why not make her a card!? I found some easy and fun projects that will make your mom smile :)

  1. Mother's Day Card

    Fiskars Crafts
    This looks a bit complicated, but if you ignore the stitches and use printed papers and can make a card similar to that.
    See Fiskars Crafts' Website for more details and instructions.

  2. Photograph Card For Mom

    Martha Stewart
    The cards in the middle and on the right side are quite simple to make. If you're familiar with scrapbooking then this should be a piece of chocolate cake to you! :) Just add some stickers and a thoughtful message with a photograph and you're done!
    Take a look at Martha Stewart's website to see more. You can also get the instructions on how to make the puzzle card (on the left side).

  3. Precious Hands For Mom

    Michaels Craft Store
    I remember doing this when I was little and it was super fun! Your mom will treasure this gift forever... I have proof because my mom still does :) I recommend this project for kids, but that shouldn't stop you if you're not a kid! ;)
    You can buy this molding kit at Michaels Craft Store.

1 comment:

  1. mother's day is THIS sunday, not LAST sunday... like when you scared the crap out of me! i like the first card. where's YOUR card?? i never made the hand print... maybe i should make one this year.. or next year.



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