Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Card Kits + Baby Card

My BFF suggested that I should make some pre-made cards to save some time...what a wonderful idea! Thanks! :) So I made some different shapes of cards..some are squared-shaped and some with windows.


sureL's BFF's tips and techniques. lol

pre-made cards = save time = good.

Card Kits ...almost like emergency kits ;)
Most card kits are sorted by themes, such as birthdays, love & romance, and weddings. It's so useful because you can put anything together and it will still look pretty. This party-themed card kit by DCWV (see picture below) includes:
- over 190 stickers
- 10 printed textured cardstock cards
- 10 solid textured cardstock cards
- 5 sheets of printed paper.

So, if you're in a hurry (maybe because you forgot someone's birthday? ...lol) be sure to take out your emergency card kit! =D

Party Card Kit in a Stack

From DCWV- The Stack Company.

I was in a rush to make this card, so it looks kinda plain :( And I didn't have an emergency card kit...which I'll now add to my "Things to Buy" list. :) I'll redeem myself for the baby shower party or when the baby comes (or perhaps both? muhaha)

Baby Card
Congrats to my uncle and auntie!


  1. the card is simple but very pretty! where is the glitter queen? i'll bet she'll tell you it needs more glitter. harharhar!

  2. the camera didn't capture the sparkly background =( it looks better in person.



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