Thursday, March 5, 2009

after midterm exams

I haven’t made a card for the longest time…all thanks to school! I kinda went buck wild after I finished my last midterm…I stayed up until 4am making cards. Anyways, I hope I can buy a better camera this year. This camera doesn't capture the sparkle-ness on the cards! lol …enjoy!

Window-shaped Card
This is an example of a window-shaped card.

♥Card is 25cm x 12.5cm
♥Window is 8cm x 8cm
♥Cut four strips of paper (1.5cm x 10cm) with decorative-edge scissors
♥Attach paper to the inside of the card (in this case, I used a green paper)
♥Start decorating!

This idea was taken from "The Art of Card Making" by Claire Sun-ok Choi, et. al.

An Egg Yoke?
This card wins the award of the fastest card to make! It took me only 30mins to make! Well, nothing to be proud of because my cousin didn't know what that "yellow thing" was and little brother thought it was an egg yoke. Anyways, I don't really need to explain how to make this one...kinda simple. Oh, it's supposed to be a sun. lol

Flower Pot
I hope she's not reading this right now because I didn't give it to her yet. She's in Taiwan right now and I miss her a lot =(
I went overboard with the sparkly red flowers, but I can't help it...they're so shiny! =)

♥Card is 25cm x 14.5cm
♥Pot: Use paper with cute patterns on it. Top pot is 9.5cm x 2cm. I guessed the bottom part of the pot =)
♥Cut out a heart. And, using a different colour paper, use a decorative-edge scissors to cut out a heart
♥Add green leaf and stem

sureL's tips and techniques.

The Perfect Fold
To get the perfect fold, don't just fold your card in half. Use the other side of an exacto/x-acto knife or a craft knife. This will create a neat crease where you can easily fold your card.

♥use a ruler!

♥remember: don't use the sharp side! you don't want to cut your card in half!


  1. sounds like you've cut a card in half before... lol!
    i reeeeealllly like the flower pot card! my birthday is coming up... are you making one for me yet??

  2. Soo cute, now I make a replica of the card and mass produce it! -C Huang



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