Tuesday, November 30, 2010

October Birthday Cards

I thought I should blog about these birthday cards from October before this month ends. I'm a little late posting these cards, sorry!

This first card was made for CS. The floral paper reminded me of her, so I had to use it! And the "make a wish" stamp goes really well the birthday candle sticker. So, here's another birthday card for her to add on her book shelf...Happy Birthday! Don't forget to click here to see her last year's birthday card.

Make a wish

Loving the face :D

The next card was for Missy. I used the Big Shot to emboss the card and I dabbed some black ink to create an antique look and to add some depth. I used tissue paper to blob a small amount of ink, but it created a mess because the tissue started to rip. Missy suggested to use a sponge which I thought it was a brilliant idea! Thanks and Happy Birthday! Check out her last year's birthday card.

Chubby bow :)

Polaroid pictures of Missy, CD, A, & me!

I bought this pretty sticker at Dollarama. They're self adhesive pearls and are great for decorations. This package comes with 50 pieces and has different sizes of pearls to choose from.

Self adhesive pearls...not for necklaces :)

If you take a closer look at Missy's card, there are two pearls on the the yellow tag.

Close up

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I'm in a good mood right now because I just finished a presentation and a quiz yesterday. Now it's time to work on my other projects and papers! :*****(


  1. great job :) I did well at my shows and yes my table is extremely colorful haha I only wish I had more levels.

  2. Yes! I made it into your blog.
    I really like my card. I meant to ask how you got the scallop edge? Did you use the special scissors? And by the way, great bow. Guess what else I noticed, in the second picture it doesn't have "missy" on it :P

    By the way, I wrote a comment for you yesterday from my phone but it timed out :S I can't remember everything I wrote, but it was pretty awesome.

    See you Sunday!


  3. C: Yes, I used a decorative scissors. I took that picture before I wrote "Missy" on it :D Good eyes ;)



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