Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Halloween Weekend

Did you dress up for Halloween this year? :) I was Wenda, Where's Waldo's girlfriend. I had a lot fun dressing up as her...people were pointing at me and telling me, "I found Waldo!" I don't blame them for calling me Waldo because it seems like no one really knows who Wenda is :T lol

I found Waldo and Lady Gaga :)

My toque was kinda handmade. I bought a white fleece toque and sewed on a red strip of felt material. My gff helped me make the pom pom! I don't knit, so I was very intrigued when she made it. I actually went home and Googled this cool technique! Click here to see instructions and a video on how to make a pom pom! Thanks, A! and thank you, VS, for letting me use your sewing machine! :)

 Pom Pom Power!

Another Halloween activity was going to the Dunbar Haunted House with friends. The house was decorated with horror displays and spooky props which were made by the owner of the house. This is my third year visiting their haunted house and I'm always impressed by their displays. There was this moving mummy that made me scream...LC laughed at me :( haha!

The snake didn't scare GC :)

And of course, we carved pumpkins! I got too excited and didn't plan what I was supposed to carve out (oops). Aside from my failed pumpkin, friends did an awesome job on theirs. See picture below!

Left: A's Lady Gaga
Middle: BN's Ironman
Right: my not-so-delicious cupcake :(

I was hoping to finish this post before midnight because it was someone's birthday....
Happy Birthday to my favourite Sanrio character...Hello Kitty! ♥

Happy Birthday, Hello Kitty!


  1. Aww... Happy Birthday to Hello Kitty! :)
    I've already been thinking about what we're going to be next year...

  2. looks fun.
    pretty cute cuppy cake :D

  3. i love the cupcake!



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