Saturday, October 9, 2010

Birthday cards for me

Here are the birthday cards that I got from my friends...2 weeks ago. oops, thanks for waiting! :P

This handmade pop-out card is from S-Bear. I love the details in this card. The glitter on the cake, the white tissues for the cream, and I didn't forget about the Hello Kitty! The coolest thing about this card is that you can fold it down!

This birthday card was made and drawn by my friend who also loves cupcakes! lol. (PS: I don't what the number "24" means here...*looks around*)

Here's another birthday from Noodle Kaboodle. What's so awesome about this card is that she reused most of her, she used scrap materials such as a piece of a cookie divider sheet for the cupcake liner, a clothing tag to write her message, and fruit stickers for decorations. Looks like someone likes to collect stuff too ;)

Some more cute birthday cards from GC, LC, A, and friends.

Thanks, everyone!

Check out last year's birthday cards for me.

1 comment:

  1. So many cupcakes!!! mmmmm cupcakes.... om nom nom nom



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