Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More presents for me!

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend and got to spend their Thanksgiving Day with loved ones. I guess this is a perfect time to say that I'm thankful for my families, friends, Hello Kitty, and glitter glue :P

I want to share some more birthday presents that I got. I think they are pretty cool and special. I know, my birthday was two weeks ago...this will be my last post on my birthday, I promise :)

My friend, who made and drew a cupcake birthday card, gave me this printed t-shirt. What's so cool is that he took one of my drawings and turned it into a t-shirt! He gave me a box of these t-shirts :) Thanks!

i earth!

Bunni Pie surprised me by putting a small gift box in my work's mailbox. I almost didn't see it because my mailbox is filled with papers and such. I'm happy to receive one because she makes beautiful jewllery. This one is quite special because she managed to make a necklace with everything I love: Hello Kitty, a key, and sparkles. Thank you!

To see more Bunni Pie's homemade jewllery, visit her blog here!

Photo by Bunni Pie

I've been eyeing on a DSLR camera for almost two years and I finally got one! I have collected enough gift cards to Best Buy and worked enough to buy my first DSLR camera! I'm glad A and BN went camera shopping with me because I got a really good deal. Perhaps we got a deal for "being so good looking"? (LOL). I can't wait to start taking pictures of my cards with this camera! Thanks for the gift cards, friends!

Finally, you're mine!


  1. Where did you friend print the shirts? I need to find a company for OC =]


  2. It's about time you got the camera!

  3. lucky girl!
    i love all these beautiful gifts you got!

  4. so this is the new camera ive been hearing so much about



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