Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Practical and Decorative Origami

Last Friday, SFU Origami Club organized a practical themed event. Instead of folding for fun, we thought it would be something new and different to teach members to fold practical things with just origami paper. There were decorations, bookmarks, boxes, envelopes, chopstick stands, and the list goes on!

I had so much fun that I actually folded some stuff to decorate my room. I folded this really cute sunflower photo stand.

I love sunflowers :)

KWC aka Fernando folded this super cool standing doggy box.


I rarely fold during events because I'm usually setting up, teaching members, or eating snacks :) There were a lot of cute diagrams that I want to make, but I didn't have enough time...mainly because I was trying to fold this heart box (didn't work out *sad face*).

I will make this heart box one day!

After the event, the executives and I volunteered at the Burnaby General Hospital to teach Volunteers Visitors the basics of origami so that they can use this fun activity when they visit patients. I will post pictures soon! :)


  1. Cute.

    I really like the sunflower photo stand. Practical and good looking.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful use of time, volunteering at the hospital. :)

    Love the sunflower frame!



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