Sunday, October 17, 2010

Michaels Arts and Crafts Store Grand Opening

Finally! I have waited many months for this new Michaels store to open! I love Michaels so much that I would rather go to the grand opening than see a doctor about my back pain (I will go see one soon!).

After work, Bunni Pie and I went to straight Michaels to do some insane craft supplies shopping. Maybe "insane" wasn't a good word, but it's close enough! We shopped for almost two hours and spent about half an hour looking at ribbons. I love their ribbon aisle! It's so neat and colourful!

Just like a kid in a candy store

There was a table to make cards for the kids at Vancouver Children's Hospital. BP and I spent a few minutes to make a get well soon card for them.

So many colourful cards! Can you find mine?

This is BP's creative card

Our basket was quite full and I knew that I didn't need some of the items. So BP and I found an empty aisle, took everything out and asked ourselves, "Do we really need this?" I do that when I shop at Michaels and Daiso. It works all the time!

BP says, "Do I need this?"

Overall, the grand opening was fun. There were lots events and demos going on. We got some pretty good supplies for an awesome price! I'm glad I didn't buy much since I just bought a new camera. Anyway, check out my new goods :)

6 Ribbons - $1 CAD each
1 Box with polka dots and fluffy sheep prints- $2.24 CAD
Fiskars 1/2" Round Corner squeeze punch - $10 CAD (I used my 50% coupon)
3 packs of cardstock paper - $2.49 CAD each

Here's the address:
655 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC (Click here for a map).

Happy craft shopping! :)


  1. Awwww, that frog card is so adorable!

    I should really use your method of 'do I really need this?' from now on XD

  2. I'm so addicted to that ribbon aisle ><... after talking to you about wanting some sort of ribbon stand, I went to RONA. I attempted a draft...see my blog :D. P.s....>< how did you take a pic of me without me knowing...I must have been in intense thought trying to decide what not to get :P sign lol.

  3. Is that the rounded corner punch? I may have to borrow that from you time to time.




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