Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Luck

I'm leaving to Vegas in a couple of hours!!! I'm so excited! Unfortunately, I can't fall asleep right now because I just painted my nails and I'm waiting for them to dry. I guess I'll have to catch some sleep on the plane :P

Dear friends, I'm sorry if I'm going to be cranky in the morning :( lol!

Anyways, I thought I should post one more card before I head off to Vegas! My older brother asked me to make an encouragement card to give to his friend. I love this bouquet of flowers because it's so colouful and bright! I hope his friend will do well on the sounds pretty important! Good luck!

Okay, I must close my eyes for a bit!

Don't miss me too much :*) I will try to borrow A's laptop...I'll have to charm to her hehehe.

Have a great weekend!


  1. that card reminds me of the one that you gave me for my birthday last year. the one with the flowers. very cute!
    i let you borrow my laptop in vegas. you must have charmed me good! hahah! :)

  2. My friend got 96% on her exam!! Thanks for the beautiful card.

  3. Thank you so....much for making this beautiful card for me. I love it!! It brought a smile to my heart. xoxo

    Karen, L.J. friend

  4. L.J.: Not a problem! Thank YOU! :)

    Karen: I'm glad the card made you smile! Congrats on your 96%! ;)



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