Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

What a fun weekend! Two special birthdays, lots of delicious food, and friends that I haven't seen for a while.

First birthday girl...Happy Birthday to my elementary school friend!

Meet CD :)

I really love the colours in this card. I added some green because that's her favourite colour and good thing I picked the right green paper because she said she loves flowers!

See CD's birthday card from last year.

Second birthday girl...Happy Birthday to my Cupcake!

Do you remember this pretty face? It's Lena from the DDA Craft Fair! :)

A cupcake card for my Cupcake :)

Since she's a crafter herself, I made sure this card is extra detailed! For the cherries on the cupcakes, I glued green wires as stems and curled them with my new tools that I make jewellery with :)

See Lena's birthday card from last year.

On the side note:
A and I visited I Found Gallery again. This time, we bought a lot of vintage supplies to make our necklaces. If you can't wait to see what I've made, you're in luck because A just posted her newest handmade necklaces...that's right, necklaceS :)

Take a look at her most recent post, "I’d love for you to adorn my neck…" I will post mine sometimes this week, but for now...I should finish my paper for Business Law...


  1. Hey Sheryl your blog is too cute!

  2. sher, you make the best cupcake cards! thank you so much for making another one this year. will i be receiving one traditionally each year =)

    xxoo, love you cupcakes <3


  3. thank you so sososooooo much for the lovely card sher! you're sooo talented! I looove the personalized cards!! love my green cards every year. thanks sweetie




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