Monday, November 14, 2011

Domo-kun's Birthday Suit

I hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend! :)

Is anyone a big fan of Domo-kun?! This cute cartoon character, どーも くん, is the official mascot of a Japanese television station. A friend of mine requested me to make a Domo card for his girlfriend.

The pictures in this post show Domo wearing a black suit, white dress shirt, and a green tie...he's ready to go to the birthday party! :)

Domo wishes you a very Happy Birthday! :)
(See this card at craftgawker)
Here's a closer shot of the card (see below). You can take out the handkerchief to write your own personal message! Cute, right?!

Write your own message on the handkerchief

I made this Domo-kun card to match his birthday card that I made for him back in May.

Matching birthday cards!

If you like this card, be sure to come back to see a similar one ;)

Happy Monday, everyone!

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