Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthday Cards from May

As promised, here are some pictures of the birthday cards for the May babies. Enjoy! :)

The first card was requested by DC. He specifically asked for a black suit and red tie. During a card making workshop for SFU Origami Club, he picked up one of the suit cards and asked me if he could have one (now you own one!). The very first suit card was for  Father's day which was two years ago.

DC's birthday suit
I submitted this picture to craftgawker. Check it out.

I don't usually make cards out of black stock paper, so in order to make the card stand out...I had to be extra creative! I added some details by cutting out some stripes using decorative scissors. Then I attached the stripes along the lapels and pocket. The picture below shows a closer look. What do you think? :)

Close up of DC's birthday suit

Here's the second birthday card for LA. I had fun using the rubber stamps and colouring it in....not so much fun washing the stamps, as always :P

And the last birthday for my G-friend, A. This stock paper with juicy pear prints on it reminded me of her and I know she'll love it! The colours are bright, playful, and pretty...just like her ♥ Check out her last year's birthday card by clicking here.

Most of my paper stacks are from DCWV (Die Cuts With A View). I love their prints and the quality of paper is great for crafting because the papers are not as thick as other brands. You may visit DCWV for more products.

DCWV's The Sweet Stack with glitter


  1. I really really love this card. It has inspired a cookie :-)

  2. Thank you, SweetSugarBell! I'm happy to know that my cards are a source of inspiration :)

  3. The cards look fantastic, especially the shirt one. I'm sure all dads would love to receive such a card from their kids...

  4. Ian, Thank you for your comment. I gave a similar one to my dad two years ago for Father's Day and he loved it :)



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