Sunday, June 26, 2011

Coach Wallet Birthday Card

Happy Birthday, CD! :)

My other craft partner, Missy, and I made this cute Coach wallet birthday card. It was Missy's idea to make a wallet birthday card since three if us (including A) got CD a gift card to Coach. I suggested to use the shopping bag to make a "real" Coach wallet. Both of us were quite impressed by how the card looked like in the end. Be sure to click on "read more" to see what's in the wallet! ;)

Coach Wallet Birthday Card

It all started with this...

The supplies
 I opened up the shopping bag and made the outside part of the wallet while Missy measured and made most the inside (which was the hardest part to do).

Here we go!
The inside of the wallet is the coolest part because we made card slots for funny credit cards. And behind the credit cards, we wrote messages to the birthday girl. On the other side of the wallet, we attached the gift card. You can click on the pictures to see them in their original sizes.


Vasa, MoosterCard, Amy Express
I really love the funny credit cards! I'm still laughing just looking the pictures. Even though we made this kinda late at night, I had so much fun crafting with Missy and CD would love this card! Oh, in my message, I wrote that I hope she'll use this as her wallet and buy something else ;)

Ready to wrap the wallet card

Click here to see her last year's birthday card. And visit Coach for real wallets and handbags :P

I want one too :)


  1. Haha, I love how you smudged out the years... XD

  2. Wow, Sheryl, this is very thoughtful and creative :) !!

  3. thank youu!! you ladies are soooo cute and sweet!! i love it!! I want to use the VASA, MOOSTERCARD and AMY EXPRESS!

    aaand I'm so happy that I finally get to see the picture sher! :D

    thank you soso much!!


  4. That is way too cute!! I want one too!! Maybe for next year!! But make it aritzia:)

  5. I got my first designer purse on my birthday from my mom that she bought from n online store selling cheap Coach purses.



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