Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Trip to Nikkei Place's Craft & Bake Fair

My friends and I went to the Nikkei Place's Craft & Bake Fair today. I'm really glad that I went because I enjoyed shopping and looking at every table. There were a lot of handmade Japanese jewellery, hand-knits, clothing, cards, and many other amazing crafts! There were also delicious waffles and Japanese desserts.

PT got a miniature bonsai and A got an really pretty necklace holder for her work ID. As for me, I bought two handmade card with a Japanese doll on the pretty!

Handmade Japanese doll card 
Handmade Japanese doll card 

The lobby was decorated with Christmas trees and most of the food vendors are located there as well. I love the the cranes hanging from the ceiling (see picture below). It reminds of the ones KY and I made for the Powell Street Festival last year. We had delicious milk chocolate waffles...yum! and MC had a hot dog (lol!)

The lobby

The next room was huge! It was a bit overwhelming at first, but once you start walking and looking's quite nice. I think we spent almost 2 hours there :)

So many people! I was on the stage while taking this picture :)
Silver pear and ornament. Can you find us? :)
If you missed today's craft & bake fair, not to worry! It is also open tomorrow, plus, there will be different vendors from today. And if you have nothing to so on a Sunday afternoon, I recommend to visit Nikkei Place. It is different from other craft fairs that I have been to because there is so much culture involved, so it was a good experience.

Happy craft shopping!

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