Friday, October 21, 2011

Japanese Flower Tape

Hello and Happy Friday! :)

For this project, I used a Japanese flower tape to make this card for KC's birthday. I was inspired by Omiyage's blog  because they used a whole bunch of Japanese washi tapes and other supplies to create beautiful craft projects. Check out their colourful tapes!

Omiyage - Japanese Washi Tape

And here's the card for KC:

Happy Birthday, KC!

The one I'm using is not a traditional Japanese washi tape. It's an acrylic adhesive (about 5cm in width). The pattern is really pretty and it's super easy to use! I was amazed by how fast it took me to apply this tape on the card stock. Plus, it was easy to cut. However, I'm uncertain on how well it sticks on the some surfaces because it's not as sticky as I hoped it would to be..but I'm still going to use it anyway :)

Japanese Flower Tape

So easy to use!

I think I'm going to start a new collection of washi tape and other cute and colourful tapes. I'm already looking at some online...someone should stop me from buying too many!

Close up
Have a wonderful weekend!

What is Washi Tape? Omiyage's blog has the answer here.


  1. That tape looks pretty!

  2. I wish I can stop you hehe...but I think I'm on the side that fans the flame!! buy more! hehe



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