Monday, October 17, 2011

Home Sweet Home & Wooden Stamps

My best dudette, A, and her family recently moved into their new house. What's so awesome about this is that we're only less than five minutes walking distance from each other! Muhahhaa! We're neighborinos ;)

I had to quickly make them a card so I can help A pack her very last box. I bought this "Home Sweet Home" wooden block stamp set a long time ago, so I was very excited to use it. Unfortunately, I dabbed too much ink onto the rubber stamp so it left a weird ink spot :( I even tried to cover it up by dabbing a little bit of ink to create an antique look...didn't really work.

Home Sweet Home
I'm more comfortable in using clear rubber stamps mainly because I can see where I'm stamping on the paper. If you're like me, here are some tips on how to use wooden stamps that may help you:

♥ Dab your stamp lightly onto the ink pad and ensure the stamp is evenly coated with ink
♥ If you have ink outside the stamp design/outline (like mine, see picture below), just wipe the ink away with a towel, not tissue.
♥ If you really don't like wooden stamps, you can unmount it (scroll down to see a how-to video)

Too much ink :(
I might unmount all my wooden block stamps since it's easier for me to use and to save storage room. I found a video by pinkcatstudio that shows two methods on how to unmount rubber stamps to acrylic blocks by using EZ Mount foam and double-sided tape. I'll let you guys know if I did it :)

Anyway, I bought A and her family some sweets to go with their Home "Sweet" Home card. The taramisu panda cakes were for her and her brother, but apparently A's mom ate them all :P hehee

Taramisu panda cake
For A's parents...

Taramisu cake with fruits
I hope my tips on wooden block stamps were useful. The tips were based on my experience from making the housewarming card. Sooooo...happy crafting! :)


  1. The panda pastries must have been tasty :D

  2. Neighborinos? Haha.
    The card is really cute, I didn't even notice the over inked stamped until you mentioned it.
    And the pastries look really good, where did you get them?

  3. Thanks, Gigi! I tried really hard no to eat one :P

    Anonymous, Thanks! :) I bought them at T&T Supermarket.



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