Thursday, June 13, 2013

VANS x Hello Kitty: I Finally Own a Pair!

This is out of the norm to blog about shoes, but it's Hello Kitty! I have been wanting a pair of VANS x Hello Kitty shoes since the first launch back in 2011. I was attracted to some of the older designs but it wasn't enough of a push for me to purchase a pair...until now!

VANS x Hello Kitty Authentic Lo Pro: White Face

Photo from VANS Shoes

I purchased these lovely shoes at I'm super happy and love my new shoes! I was hoping for a small gift like how Sanrio stores give out such as stickers or a tiny trinket. The receipt says the "free" gift is the custom pink and logo tissue paper (see picture below). It's cute, but I don't know what to do with it. I'd rather have a sticker :)

Cute logo tissue paper

I'm slightly disappointed about shoe box though. The graphics are not aligned which bothers me a lot. And there's sticky note ON top of the box and I can't rip it off without tearing the box. Not a big deal.

Shoe box

Aside from that, I felt like a kid opening my box. Each shoe was wrapped in white tissue paper with Hello Kitty face all over and VANS logo. I must as well keep this tissue paper too :P

Cute tissue paper in the shoe box

Specifications for Hello Kitty Authentic Lo Pro:
♥ Cute canvas print
Sleek low profile
Pink gum rubber micro waffle outsole
Soft cotton inline
Lightweight canvas upper
Die-cut EVA insert for added support
Purple inside with cute logo

I love my new shoes!
Some side notes:
♥ Shoe laces are too long
I'm either size 6 or 6.5, but got size 6.5 in case. It's a bit loose, but I don't mind
For reference, the shoes are not as slim as Converse's Chuck Taylor slim sneakers

Gum rubber micro waffle outsole

Close up

The collection is available at Vans Retail, the Vans online store at , and Vans dealers nationwide. I got my pair at (direct link here).

I can't wait to wear them!

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