Friday, June 7, 2013

More Added to My Washi Tape Collection

Happy Friday! I purchased new washi tapes since the last time I posted about these addicting crafting tape. You can read the post on my initial collection (or more like when the obsession have started). Click here to read about it.

10 new washi tapes added to my collection

My good friend, Bunnie Pie, gave me a Hello Kitty box filled with candies. I decided to make the box a crafting storage for my current favourite supplies: washi tape and twine. The box is really cute! It also has dividers to separate the items.

Hello Kitty box

I would say my favourite washi tape is the one with the airmail design; hence placing it on the top middle :P Lately, I've been drawn into the airmail envelopes, vintage stamps, and all that style. It's so pretty!

Washi tape and twine

Rest assured, I didn't buy these tape at full price. At Michaels Store, the regular price is $8.50 CDN. I usually wait for the 40% or 50% off coupons or even big sales. This week, the tapes were as low as $1.79 CDN! The splurge was the "Made with ♥" design which was $4.25 CDN.

On sale! Some for $1.79 CDN

I'm going to take a break from buying washi tapes and enjoy what I have right now :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

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