Friday, May 3, 2013

Table Tennis Birthday Card

Happy Friday, everyone!!!

I made this special card for my Dad last September and totally forgot to post this! My dad loves to play table tennis with his friends, so why not make a card that shapes like one? :)

Table tennis birthday card for my Dad

I had an idea in my head, but as usual, I had to draw it out to make sure the measurements work out. I made my own template for the paddle and ball so I used my handy idea/sketchbook to do that.

Planning ahead :)

Tools and Supplies used:
♥ Red, black, orange, sky blue card stock paper
♥ Light brown with small polka dots (Holiday Collection stack) by DCWV
 Clear bead & jewellery cord by Stretch Magic
♥ 2" Circle Lever Punch by Recollections
♥ Black gel ink pen

With the help of Double Happiness (DHS) 3-Star ping pong ball, I made my dad his own table tennis paddle and ball :)

Dad's version of a table tennis ball

Image from recenreidia1980

The inside is quite cute. The front cover opens up like a card so that my brothers and I can write our messages to my dad. To make it even cuter, I tied the ball to a clear cord and attached it to the paddle. So when my dad opens the card, the ball falls out...surprise! :)

Attaching the clear cord to the paddle

And here's a picture of my silly dad.

Wisdom in those wrinkles ;)


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