Friday, January 7, 2011

It's 2011!


Okay, I'm a little has already been 2011 for almost a week now. How's the new year for you guys? School has started and it's going to be a scary semester. I say that every time, but this semester IS intense :S Anyways, looking back at these pictures made me miss the holiday...

A and I on New Years Eve

Dec 18- At Aberdeen Mall
Hanging out with my old summer school friends

Dec 24- Christmas Eve dinner
A and I made this all by ourselves! Not bad, eh? :)

Dec 26 - Canucks vs. Oilers

We got great seats! Thanks, BN!

Dec 27 & 28- A mini trip to Seattle
Our first time eating at The Crab Pot. DELICIOUS!!!!

I haven't been making cards, but I will wait for them! :)

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. looks so yummy!
    what a wonderful holiday!

    and it's "crab pot" not crap pot..hehe.

  2. LOL! Crap Pot don't sound very delicious....
    Thanks! I corrected it! :)



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