Friday, December 24, 2010

Jay Chou The Era Concert 2010

If you don't know...I'm a huuuuuge Jay Chou fan! And when I found out he's coming to Vancouver for The Era America and Canada Tour Concert, I made sure I get a pair tickets! I went with Bunnie Pie and we had an awesome time! I managed to sing along with him. Other than that, I waved my pink glow stick the whole night! ;) Okay, enjoy the pictures!

I heart you, Jay Chou!!!

Bunnie Pie and I

I love it when he plays the piano ♥

Pink glow sticks!

LED screens were used for the background and some 3D effects

Singing one of my favourite songs from his most recent album: 超人不會飛 (Superman Can't Fly)

Near the end :( Singing 龙卷风 (Tornado)

I met Jackson and Andrew. They are part of the filming crew for The Green Hornet.

Even though the tickets were a bit expensive, I think it was worth every penny! There were lots of lights, fireworks, and unique 3D effects. He even sang some of his older songs! This is probably one of my most memorable moments. Not only our seats were upgraded to lower bowl (for free!), we got Jay Chou's autograph!!! It was sooo worth the wait. Thanks for a fun night, Bunnie Pie!


Oh, Happy Christmas Eve! Stay warm and dry ;)


  1. I love your website! We should all go to his next one whenever he comes again!! Still high from yesterday haha..


  2. Thanks Iris! It was such a good concert! :)

  3. Hi, will you sell this autograph CD? Let me know please, thank you!

    My email:



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