Monday, January 31, 2011

SFU Origami Club + a litre of sunshine

Oh my, I haven't posted anything since the beginning of January. I'm having a difficult time balancing school, work, and other personal obligations…so bare with me until I find some ways to manage my time better. This is kind of funny (and embarrassing) because I presented a workshop on Work-life Balance last semester...don't tell my instructor! :X

Anyway, SFU Orgaimi Club is selling handmade ribbon roses to celebrate Valentine's Day! ♥ Last year was so successful that we're selling them again!
Location: Simon Fraser University, booths in AQ
Dates: Now until February
Time: 11am - 3:30pm
for a single rose
     $3 for a deluxe single rose
     $30 for a dozen (12) deluxe bouquet
♥ Lots of colours to choose from! Check out their website.
ALSO, I'll be selling my handmade cards on February 1st and 4th! I made a few cards for Valentine's Day so I'm excited to show them to everyone :) There will be other cards for different occasions, of course. Here's a sneak peak of a card that I made today:

Kissy Fishy
Everything was heart shaped, but most of them were cut in half.

Here are some photos of the ribbons roses:

A dozen deluxe bouquet

Single roses

Photos by SFU Origami Club

If you're going to be at SFU during those days, drop by and visit me and the executives from the Origami Club :) Valentine's Day is coming up so be sure to buy a rose and a card for your special someone!

By the way, if you like to read comics, check out my brother's new website: Ms.Yen: Angry Japanese Women. Most of you guys will be reading this post on Monday, so if you need a good laugh, read my brother's comics :)

Have a wonderful week!


  1. That fish card is so cute and smart! I totally didn't notice they were completely made out of hearts until you said so ^_^;



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