Monday, June 15, 2009

Ideas for Father's Day

father's day is this sunday! did you make a card for your dad yet? ...i haven't :( lol but i found some pretty cool projects that i really like... i like it so much that i might pick one and make it :) check it out!
  1. jacket pocket card
    Martha Stewart
    this is sooooo cute! and it looks easy to make! i found this project at Martha Stewart's Website. instructions and list of materials are in there, so click on the link! =)

  2. father's day card #2

    Fiskars Crafts
    here's another super cool card. this one requires a bit more work than the first card, but not to worry! ...because Fiskars Crafts provided some step-by-step directions.

  3. cutout frame

    Martha Stewart
    instead of a card, make your dad a paper picture frame! (no need to buy him a picture frame!) =) again, i found this project at Martha Stewart's Website. click for more details and instructions!

need more ideas? check out my post on ideas for mother's day :)

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