Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My New Obsession: Washi Tape

I learned about washi tape over a year ago and I never really researched on where to purchase them...until bff told me that Michaels has its own section!

Washi tape (or crafting tape) is a high quality masking tape made from natural fibers. Best of all, they come with different designs, patterns, and sizes. You can tear it, stick it, reuse it, and even write on it. The low tack adhesive makes it really easy to use. Now you can understand my new obsession....

...Hello, I'm Sheryl and I'm a washi tape user

Within a month, I already have four washi tapes. The Hello Kitty tape (as pictured below), was a gift from bff which I immediately opened it and taped it onto my phone. Thank you!

My collection of washi tape...more to come :)

I also decorated my planner, pencil, and hard drive! :) I'm thinking of other things to tape...

Washi tape on my planner, pencil, and hard drive

I have similar tapes that resemble washi tape such as the acrylic adhesive with Japanese flowers and lace borders that I still love to use.

Japanese flower tape

Lace borders...I have 6 different designs!

All these tapes are great because they are so easy to use! The beautiful designs and patterns will make any projects unique.

Happy crafting!

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