Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mom, It's Your Day! Happy Birthday!

Family and I celebrated my momma's birthday on Monday. I made two cards for my mom this year! The first one is a random drawing of the family wearing some kind of party hat? haha Don't ask, I drew this around 3:30am :P

Good Morning, Happy Birthday!
This is her second card (see below). I love everything about this card! The deep purple, lace, pearls, and lime green embellishment match well together. Most importantly, my mom loves it too!

Mom's birthday cake and card

Simple, but pretty!
Wait, the fun is not over yet! I even decorated the inside. This time I asked my Dad and brothers to write a message on Hello Kitty sticky notes. My dad didn't write much though..

Mom's birthday messages
Also, Happy Valentine's Day! :) I got received sweets from my friends and classmate. Thank you! The Hello Kitty goodies were from me ;)

Pink and Red!

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  1. Thank you for the lovely valentine! Your mom's cards are really pretty.



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