Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunny Floral Greeting

Here's another going away card that I made for my friend, MC, who just left Vancouver to start his new career in San Francisco (congratulations!). I met MC at the SFU Origami Club so I thought it would be nice to make him an origami-themed card.

For this card, I folded five 2 inches squares to form the flower and the corners. This technique is known as Tea Bag Folding.Unlike the traditional origami, tea bag folding uses several small square pieces of printed paper that are folded exactly the same way. Then, the pieces are used to link together to form beautiful 3D designs. It’s great for decorating your cards and making unique ornaments.

Flower fold card

Fun Fact: Why is it called “Tea Bag Folding”?

Tea bag folding was originated in Holland. Tiny van der Plaas was worried about giving a birthday card for her sister, so she began folding envelopes that enclosed her tea bag. In Holland, tea bag envelopes are colourful and decorated with designs. In the end, she created a unique and decorative card; as a result, it was the beginning of tea bag folding! (Source: Craft Site Directory)

Tea Bag Folding
Photo taken from Jill Britton

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have a great week, everyone!



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