Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Bee & Spring Time!

Happy Birthday, Ben! :)

School is almost over! I planned some craft projects for me to do before Summer Semester starts. But first, I still owe my blog a birthday present, so I'll work on that first! I'm sorry :(

So before I can start on my fun craft projects, I'll have to clean my room. Sounds a bit silly, right?'s a picture my "craft corner."

Kinda scary? I think it's time for me to organize my craft supplies! I'm hoping that I don't have to dig through the big pile of craft stuff and not trip when I look for clothes in my closet. I'm a bit excited of how this will turn out. This could be fun...or a disaster. I'll let you guys know soon! :)


  1. omg it looks like your closet vomitted all your craft supplies on the floor! which reminds me... i still have to pick up my craft stuff from your house. i will do very soon! sorry!

  2. your cards are the best



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