Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look what I bought today!

I'm so happy that I'm going to blog about this! :) I bought this Holiday Collection: The Christmas Stack for only $8.00CDN at Zellers! :O It has 180 sheets of 12"x12" printed cardstock...and the good thing about it is not all of the sheets are Christmas related, so I can use some for different occasions! ...I can't wait until Christmas so I can use this! (only l0 months and 21 days left!)

Also, I found this pretty cool and funny paper trimmer at Zellers (no, I didn't buy it :P). This is Fiskars' Rock-Paper-Trimmer WITH built-in speaker to connect your MP3 player! The picture is too small to read the description, so here you go:
"One of a kind trimmer brings your digital music into crafting time.
Handy softgrip cradle holds your MP3 Player in Place.
Turn on the music and turn up your creativity."

I like the design and the colour of this paper trimmer, but I don't need built-in speaker. Plus, I'm not willing to spend $65CDN for it (and it's already on sale).


  1. HEY SHER! nice blog, actually spent quite a bit of time lookin at it cool that u really interested in arts n' craftz stuff, i wouldn't have the patience LOL. ur cards are nice, i can't wait to get one for my birthday and possibly purchase some during the year for friendz and family! p.s. let's hang out this weekend! =]..iunno if this posts my name but it's mat, mat wong,..u know...ur big asian friend that you adore LOLOL

  2. I'm glad you're saving up!! can never start planning for Christmas too early, start buying candy for Halloween too



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