Friday, August 7, 2009

i heart summer!

alright, i feel bad for ignoring my blog, but i can't help it! i was out enjoying the sunshine and going to the malls to dig around for some awesome summer sales. and in the end, i got some pretty bad tan lines and a big fat credit card bill coming to my house soon. haha i miss you, blog! :)

happy birthday, rob!

ps- i'm starting to not like cleaning the clear stamps :*( maybe i'm just lazy...


  1. what? you write up an entry on summer but you post a picture of a birthday card? i'm utterly confused! shouldn't it be a "happy summer" card?

  2. hello, i felt like posting the birthday card with this entry because i made it recently and wanted to show it to everyone asap. sorry, i didn't mean to confuse anyone :)



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